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Master Symbol "Lady Venus Kumara"

25,50 EUR
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Product no.: MS48
  • Handmade energized symbol made of transparent foil
  • Informations

    Subtle-spiritual correspondence

    Love, beauty and aesthetics in connection with the new energy of the Age of Aquarius – unification of chakras – balance and contentment – letting go and transforming injuries of the heart – dissolving limitations in thoughts and feelings – inner child – gentleness – safety – living the feminine side – caution – standing up for children – art as therapy of the soul – free of existential fears – strong resonance with Indigo children, Crystal children, Star children, etc.


    Angel Symbols / Cards are  
    - put on certain parts of the body or chakras
    -  in combination with light, used for colouredlight-exposure
    -  put on the forehead or top of the head during a meditation
    - worn directly on the body
    - fixed to window panes to harmonize and energize the room
    - placed under a drinking glass, a shopping basked / plate with food and massage oils to energize them.

    Important Tip

    All products are based on the vibratory principle. They are NOT MEDICINES an do not replace doctors or medicines. They serve the harmonisation of the aura and chakras.

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