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Angel Combi Essence No. 18 Vaniel; 30 ml

22,70 EUR
756,67 EUR per 1 litre
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Product no.: KE18
  • Energized Angel Essence to be applied to the healthy skin in the area of the chakras
  • Informations

    Subtle-spiritual correspondence

    To rely more on the help of others than on oneself (birth through caesarean section) - To avoid fully engaging in life or entering into a new situation/unable or unwilling to let go (prolonged pregnancy, child is overdue) - Aggression toward oneself or to smother someone with love (the umbilical cord is wrapped around the neck) - To wait for help from others or to avoid taking decisive steps (traverse position in the womb) - “Putting one’s head in the sand”, a rebellious attitude, defiance (breech birth) - To confront issues head on/desire to end a difficult situation as quickly as possible (premature labor) - To cut off one’s own or someone else’s livelihood, to be stranded, to tell someone to get lost (premature breaking of waters)


    Angel Essences are
    - dropped onto different parts of the body, like the tongue, chakras, navel, wrist where you take your pulse, soles of your feet (especially with babies and sick people)
    - added to the bath water
    - added to the fragrance light.

    Important Tip

    All products are based on the vibratory principle. They are NOT MEDICINES an do not replace doctors or medicines. They serve the harmonisation of the aura and chakras.

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